The Next Generation Networks Initiative (NGNI) project sponsored by the European Commission has officially started on the 1st January 2001. The main objective of this initiative is to encourage the interested groups of NGN activities around the world for harmonised and smoother transition to the next generation networks to provide seamless services with high security, quality and performance in creating the future information society.

The project is open for all organizations to share their opinion and discuss the issues on an open platform. The project invites interested persons to enroll as members for contributing their services to achieve the objectives of this initiative by producing technology benchmarking, Road maps and establishing a close liaison with the global forums.

The NGN Initiative's mission is to establish the infrastructure to operate the first open environment for research on the whole range of Next Generation Networks (NGN) topics to be discussed, consensus achieved and collective outputs disseminated to the appropriate international standards bodies, fora, and other organisations.

Being of worldwide interest, it is inevitable that some of the Internet-related topics addressed here will also be covered in the US Next Generation Internet (NGI) programme. This creates an opportunity for strategic discussions to take place on this subject on a global scale.

If you are interested in at a more in detailed overview please have a look at the portal site of NGNI:

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