Deliverable 01 is final: results from vision workshop and interviews

The deliverable "report on user requirements analysis" has reached the final status too. You can find the deliverable within the showroom if you have a login and password as project member.

The goal of D01 was to analyse the requirements of conception and integration work. A group of end users were asked to define their needs. A first market survey for the definition of the competition framework has been carried out. The requirements were separated for the various users (i.e. ASPs, platform providers and users) to specify their different needs.

The capturing of the requirements regarding the services currently offered, future planned services as well as services required by the customers represents an important action of WP2. The following points are mainly worked out for this deliverable:

  1. Vision Workshop
  2. Approach used to interview (mind-setting stories)
  3. Segments interviewed
  4. Interview highlights (how well did it work)
  5. <
  6. General direction of vision workshop and interview results

This deliverable is aimed at an audience that needs to understand the new opportunities that arise from third generation mobile systems and the associated dynamic but complex third generation market that will be created. It addresses the most important enablers and drivers that will ensure that the vision of third generation becomes a reality; this vision is to provide global access and delivery of information services of all possible kinds to the mobile community at large. This deliverable leverages in-depth knowledge of current market developments and forecasts, and highlights key issues that must be addressed for the realisation of the UMTS vision and that are not normally discussed within the world's Standards Development Organisations; such issues arise especially in a cross-sector "converged" environment.

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