EURESCOM 2002 in Heidelberg, Germany

The consortium of SMONET-NGNI will be held a lecture in Heidelberg, Germany about their results within the NGNI project. The title of the paper is "Integrated Network Platform (INP) for Next Generation Networks (NGN)" and will be explain the conceptional need for an Integrated Network Platform which manage both worlds: fixed and wireless.

The EURESCOM 2002 Summit will explore the technologies for future networks and will put the networks into a broader context by adding the business related service aspects. The conference will bring together the technology research community, the experts of telecommunications services and products as well as leading telecommunications business personalities to share ideas and develop a common vision.

The main subjects, which will be covered at the conference are:

This event will cover more about 250 participants including data communications experts, network technology specialists, systems engineers, telecommunication architects, business and product planners, application and service developers, product developers, visionaries, strategists, researchers, executives from network operators, service providers, IT vendors, content providers, manufacturers of IT/ telecom software/ hardware, application service providers, academia and consultant companies.

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