Interworking 2002 in Perth, Australia

The consortium of SMONET-NGNI will be held a lecture in Perth, Australia about their results within the NGNI project. The title of the paper is "Service Discovery Integrated Network Platform" and will be explain the need and possibility to discover services in a mobile network without take care of the service provider.

Interworking 2002 will be the sixth international symposium on Communications Interworking of IFIP Technical Committee on Communication Systems (TC6) Working Group on Network and Internetwork Architectures (WG 6.2). The chosen theme for the sixth symposium is Converged Networking: Data and Real-time over IP, easily the most contested, but also promoted topic in communications today. The papers sought for the symposium can be central to the theme or peripheral to it, and can be pro or contra. The symposium will seek to explore telecommunications technology trends in whatever their directions.

The quest for convergence of all telecommunications on a single platform was sparked in the 1970s and is continuing. There is still movement towards convergence on the basis of ATM technology. This has however been overtaken, at least for the present, by an even stronger movement towards convergence on the basis of the Internet Protocol (IP). The stated theme of the symposium posits the positive view: convergence of data and real time communications can indeed happen, and more particularly can happen over IP. However are there no unresolved problems?

Topics of the conference are:

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