NGN ROADMAP 2002,14 Feb. 2002



NGN Members Meeting at 14th of February: Presentation of the NGN roadmaps developed so far by NGNI projects, which will lead to the convergence towards NGN roadmap. The results are compiled version of different outputs (IST projects, standards and forums activity, market trends etc.) and hence will provide an overview of the future trends. After the meeting on Friday the NGN review meeting starts: the reviews of the projects will take place to represent and defend the results of the SMONET-NGNI project.

After discussion with the project officer, the agenda for the 14th has been planned a bit different from before. Now, the presentations are organised in three groups:

Please find here the last version of the agenda:


09.30 - 09.40 Opening Speech

Mr. Horst Forster, European Commission

09.40 10.15 Keynote speech

Next Generation Networks -Current status and the future

- Mr. Alistair Urie

Chair: ETSI NGN implementation Group, Alcatel, France

10.15 10.45 NGN Roadmap 2002 : Framework for NGNI 

- Merce.Griera-I-Fisa, Project officer, NGNI, EU. Commission

10.45 11. 00 COFFEE BREAK

11.00 12.30 Technical session 1 : Approved projects

Access Networks

- F. Jacquier, Rescom, Ireland

IPv6 QoS and MM applications

- R . Banerjee, BITS-Pilani

New Services in NGN

- Kai-Oliver Detken, DECOIT ; Germany

Optical core and Metro networks

- Lars Dittman, COM, Denmark

IPv6 interoperability testing

- Cesar Viho, INRIA; France

12. 30 14.00 LUNCH BREAK

14.00 14.20 Session 2 : Approved Projects

NGN Management

- Willy Donnelly, WIT; Ireland

Content management

- Bernardo Martinez, Versaware, Spain

14.20 15.00 Session 3: New proposals

VoIP as an NGN Service

- Tassos Dagiuklas, Intracom, Greece

Next Generation Service platforms

- Uwe Herzog, Eurescom, Germany

IPv6 and NGN: Deployment issues

- J. Martinez, Consulintel, Spain

15. 00 15.20 COFFEE BREAK

15.20 17.30 NGNI Plans for 2002

Future plans for NGNI : year 2

- Sathya Rao, Telscom

Proposal from Eurescom

- P. Stollenmayer, Eurescom, Germany

Open issues and discussion

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