Exploitation and dissemination work of the SMONET-NGNI group

After the work has been finished for the partners of SMONET the work regarding the tasks of dissemination and exploitation starts. Summarised this project had the following action points to distribute the results and the needs in the European market:

  1. Web-site portal with all actual relevant information and public deliverables created from the partner DECOIT e.K.
  2. Vision workshop in deliverable D01 with service providers and end-users in October 2001 which was organised by CGEY.
  3. Interworking conference in Australia, October 2002 with the contribution "Service Discovery Integrated Network Platform" by Kai-Oliver Detken from DECOIT.
  4. Interworking conference in Australia, October 2002 with the contribution "Quality of service (QoS) in heterogeneous network platforms" (rejected) prepared by Kai-Oliver Detken, which had not been accepted by the commission.
  5. EURESCOM 2002 conference in Germany with the contribution "Integrated Network Platform (INP) for Next Generation Networks (NGN)" which has written by Kai-Oliver Detken from DECOIT e.K.
  6. FITCO 2002 event with the contribution "Is there money to be made in mobile communications in the future?" from Jacob van Kokswijk, CGEY.
  7. ISP Forum: IIR's 5th European ISP Forum; chairman and presentation of the working results in October 2002 by Jacob van Kokswijk, CGEY.
  8. Morgan Stanley Dean Witter's "M-Files" program is a virtual conference series featuring discussions with experts from the telecommunications, computing and media industries: here the SMONET partners will present their results too (by Jacob van Kokswijk, CGEY).
  9. interWATCH User Day organised from NetTest, a leading manufacture in the field of measurement devices, will be take place in Munich, Germany in September. Here the company DECOIT will give an overview about the work of SMONET-NGNI regarding to define "Next Generation Networks".

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