1st meeting of the SMONET members at 2nd November 2001

The first meeting of the SMONET members took place via telephone conference. That is the best way to communicate and work together without travel effort.

Discussion points were:

The contracts between the partners and the EU will be prepared. The expected time is the end of November. Other projects in NGNI are working also without a contract. The work should be go on and a bill can be written if the first workpackage has been finished.

The deliverable structure of D01 and D02 is okay. All partners from SMONET has been agreed the proposal from DECOIT. DECOIT should adapt the information in the structure of the deliverable after the final work.

The activities from the partners can be devided into DECOIT and CGEY, because that are the main worker for WP02:

  2. CGEY

Another topic was billing and accounting. Billing and Accounting is necessary for new services which will offer via different networks, according to CGEY. There was the open question, if it is necessary to establish a new workpackage or a new proposal. Sathya Rao said, that a new proposal is critical, because of the opinion of NGNI members, but he is not against a further proposal. Kai Detken suggested that the SMONET members should integrate billing & accounting mechanisms into the new services as one requirement.

Furthermore the technology points Mobile IP and IP version 6 have been discussed. Mobile IP should added to the work was everybodies opinion. IP version 6 is also important, because the address problem of IP version 4 and IPv4/IPv6 gateways would be a big issue for the developers in the near future.

The next meeting will be in two weeks via audio telephone conference too. Every two weeks on Friday will a telephone conference take place continuously.

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