10th meeting of the SMONET members at 25th March 2002

Discussion points were:

The papers for the conferences for WP05 are still in preparing. The first paper was reached in the EURESCOM 2002. Here, EMORPHIA will check if there are any interest to participate in the existing paper. DECOIT made a proposal and a first draft for the review of the paper. The second conference Interworking 2002 is also planned. In that case DECOIT and BIBA will write a second document for this conference regarding seamless connectivity and evaluation of mobile service. One paper is still in place. A further activity comes from CGEY. The placed a paper at the FITCO 2002. The title of the paper is "IS THERE MONEY TO BE MADE IN MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS IN THE FUTURE?" which is accepted by the reviewer of the conference.

The work package 04 is still in work. These are the main outputs from the work carried in previously defined tasks. The roadmap so defined will be targeted at key technical managers in the telecommunications networks developers in the industry. Its aim is to provide sufficient guidelines to enable organisations to plan the strategies in the context of these new networks and services.

The progress of the partners are as described. EMORPHIA send a first draft of D05 for work package 04 regarding the seamless topics and the roadmap of different technologies. DECOIT tried to define benchmark and roadmap standards and evaluated different standards in fixed and mobile networks. Additionally DECOIT has written proposals for international conferences and updated the web-sites. CGEY will deliver the final structure of D05 till Wednesday, 27th of March and will discuss it with DECOIT directly.

Open points are:

  1. WP04: D05 complete structure and input from the partners
  2. WP05 activities regarding conferences, publishing activities, and standard definition
  3. Deadline for D05 should be the 5th of April

The next meeting will start at 29th April at 11:00 (GMT+1), because of Easter vacations of the partners. Therefore the partners have to keep in touch with e-mail communication.

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