11th meeting of the SMONET members at 08th May 2002

Discussion points were:

The papers for the conferences for WP05 have been finished. At EURESCOM 200, DECOIT sent a paper which will be evaluate in approx. 4 weeks. The same is happening for the Interworking 2002 conference which will be take place in Perth, Australia. DECOIT wrote a paper regarding Quality-of-Service and a second one regarding seamless services together with BIBA. The evaluation process will be finished at the end of June. Furthermore, on the conference FITCO 2002 the project SMONET will be presented by CGEY. CGEY will be also the chairman for one day of the conference ISP-Forum in Amsterdam.

With over 200 attendees the conference maintained its position as the largest meeting place for Internet Service professionals in EMEA and despite the economic downturn the mood was positive. There were a high number of operators and service providers present who had come from as far as Russia, Macedonia, Egypt, Qatar, Malta, Israel and Turkey. The high number of operator and service provider attendees reflected the high number of operator and service provider presentations and many people have commented that they felt that this greatly enhanced the programme this year. The presentations and panels focused on the challenges and opportunities present in migrating to a CSP (Communications Service Provider) business model. David Rowe's presentation for Easynet was particularly popular as were his comments on the state of the industry, comparing ISP Forum 2000 to ISP Forum 2001 he drew some interesting conclusions! That is also a good platform to present and discuss the SMONET-NGNI results with the Internet community.

The work package 05 is in work. Discussion of the proposed skeleton of D06 which was provided by DECOIT has been reached a final status. Therefore the responsibilities for the different parts auf the deliverable are clear for all partners. The main responsibility is hosted by DECOIT and BIBA. The partners are welcome to provide their parts of their work results which occured during the project. The detail skeleton is available in the first draft of the document.

The open points are:

  1. WP05 activities regarding conferences, publishing activities, and standard definition
  2. Deadline for D06 should be the 22nd of May

The next meeting will start at 22nd May at 15:00 (GMT+1).

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