2nd meeting of the SMONET members at 16th November 2001

Discussion points were:

The progress of the work of D01 is sufficient. The deliverable in version 3 is available since 16.11.01. CGEY sent the first proposal for D01 to give an impression about the work of WP02 for all partners, and to let the project progress to WP03. DECOIT will structure the document, gives comments about signalled open points and maybe take some parts into D02. CGEY mentioned that billing on NGN should be one integral part of this deliverable, but - with the feelings of Sathya Rao - to continue with this version to WP03, perhaps it could be better split up to another separate NGNI project. The billing issue should be discussed with the whole NGNI members; also the requirements for delivery of content of one topic in different formats (depending the used infrastructure and terminal) or/and different content of the same topic, without different bills. The last version should be available at the end of November.

The progress of the work of D02 is sufficient too. Work on state-of-the-art is going on. Additionally the work on evaluation of mobile services. The next version will send to the ftp server during the next week. The last version should be ready at the end of November.

The activities from the partners can be devided into DECOIT and CGEY, because that are the main worker for WP02:

  2. CGEY

The work package 03 can start simultaneously, because the structure and the information of WP02 are available. The partners for WP03 are DECOIT, EMORPHIA, and BIBA. They should start the work and must be available at the next telephone conference!

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