4th meeting of the SMONET members at 14th December 2001

Discussion points were:

The status of D02 has reached the final version. The open points have been reached. The references will extend. Additional documents will upload to the server for the questionnaires information. After the document is final, DECOIT will publish it on the web-site within the members open showroom.

Problems and the cost statements were discussed. The document SMONET_D02_FINAL.doc included errors, because CGEY has problems to download it. The other partners has no problems with this document. Everybody use Word2000 as text editor. DECOIT will compress the file in one zip-file. Furthermore, the final cost statement for the first phase (two months) of the project is still not ready. DECOIT will prepare the final version in the beginning of next week. Therefore the first billing process can be finished for the partners CGEY and DECOIT.

The activities of the partners includes mainly the work of DECOIT. CGEY finalised the work of D01. EMORPHIA and BIBA worked on WP03 regarding collect information and discussed technology approaches. The activities from DECOIT included:

The work package 03 has made a little step forward since the last meeting. The proposed structure from DECOIT got no critical feedback. There were no comments regarding the D03 and D04. The next step will be that the partners will have a detail look at the topics and discuss this by e-mail with DECOIT. Every input is welcome in the first phase. EMORPHIA is going to have a look at the services and applications. DECOIT will have a look at the different protocols and technologies for the mobile platform. BIBA can deliver input in both topics. Till the end of next week every information regarding the next deliverables is welcome.

The vacation and next meeting was the last topic. Because of the vacations of all partners during the Christmas and New Year days, the project will be go to active status after the 6th of January. The next meeting will be at 11th January in 2002.

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