7th meeting of the SMONET members at 8th February 2002

Discussion points were:

The Concertation Meeting in Brussels (13th of February) presented the common focus with current EU IST projects regarding all mini projects (the EU called them "activities") from NGNI. The presentations of the meeting are on the NGNI web pages available (http://www.ngni.org). DECOIT presented the different relevant IST projects regarding SMONET-NGNI and our focus of seamless mobile connectivity; special topics were IPv6, Mobile IP, Wireless network technologies . CGEY was also in Brussels represented by Frank Kroon. There were positive impression of the European Commission regarding the outcome of the activities. The focus of NGNI is (from the EU point-of-view): to collect all available information from the relevant projects and to work on their outcome to get a good overview about the state-of-the-art and maybe create standards. SMONET-NGNI has developed its own strategy and fulfil more then the typical issues. The whole meeting is available under http://www.decoit.de/smonet.

The Members Meeting in Brussels (14th of February) presented all activities of NGNI regarding their outcome of the first deliverables of the different activities. The feedback from the European Commission was critical but fair (some questions regarding visions of the project, structure and deliverable work occurred). DECOIT presented the work of the first deliverables (mainly D01, because topics of D02 were presented one day before). Against other projects SMONET-NGNI got no critical comments; only about the vision workshop one reviewer asked. Frank Kroon from CGEY have answered the question about the vision workshop perfectly. The conclusion of the European Commission was that all activities are alive and working with a well outcome. The presentations of the meeting are on the NGNI web pages available (http://www.ngni.org). The whole meeting is available under http://www.decoit.de/smonet.

The Review in Brussels (15th of February) contained critical comments for NGNI from the reviewers because of the missing deliverables, cost statements, and management reports from the core group (Ericsson, Siemens, Telscom, Alcatel, Martel). That means the core group has to work hard to fulfil the necessary results in a defined time frame. Also the contract between the EU and the core group will go to an amendment; that means time losses. The positive feedback was available regarding the good work of the activities (projects), which have presented their work during the days before. There is a new project manager of the whole project NGNI available: Jens Kristensen from Ericsson. The presentations of the meeting are on the NGNI web pages available (http://www.ngni.org). The whole meeting is available under http://www.decoit.de/smonet.

The Work package 04 must start now! SMONET-NGNI will ends in April! Involved are the companies BIBA, DECOIT, and CGEY directly; EMORPHIA will check if it is possible to join this workpackage again. For the next deliverables we need a common outcome of the project, why it is necessary to involved all partners! CGEY will suggest a document structure. Furthermore the project needs a common template for the benchmarks! That is necessary, because the outcome of all mini-projects have to merge together in NGNI; maybe the core group will give us such a template. After all a roadmap has to defined for the approx. 5 years.

There are still some Open points existing. DECOIT sent to all partners the complete cost statements with the budget information. This papers have to signed after a quick check and send back to DECOIT. DECOIT will send it to the EU after all. Further open points are: Should SMONET-NGNI plans some events/workshops for dissemination in WP5 and maybe SMONET-NGNI could also create a discussion platform with mobile service provider?!

The next meeting will start at 8th March at 11:00 (GMT+1). Here we need a participation of all partners!

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