9th meeting of the SMONET members at 11th March 2002

Discussion points were:

For the issues of work package 05 there are publications, workshops, and conferences important. SMONET-NGNI has reached in two conference papers for the events Interworking 2002 in Australia and EUESCOM 2002 in Heidelberg. For EURESCOM 2002 a paper from DECOIT has been proposed with the name "Integrated Network Platform (INP) for Next Generation Networks (NGN)". The final deadline for the abstract paper is the 19th of March. This conference will take place in Heidelberg, Germany from the 21-24 October 2002. For further information look at: http://www.eurescom.de/summit2002/cfp.htm

The second conference is the Interworking 2002. Additionally a further paper from DECOIT has been proposed with the name "Quality of service (QoS) in heterogeneous network platforms". The deadline for submission is 11th of April. Acceptance notification is on 7 June, 2002. The conference will take place at 13-16 October, 2002 in Perth, Australia.

Furthermore SMONET-NGNI is working on the work package 04. EMORPHIA consumed the resources allocated in the completion of D04 in WP3, no more. They are finalising their contribution to D05 in WP4 right now (A4.1 Identify existing relevant benchmark reports). This activity will have consumed their allocated resources in WP4 when it is complete. The proposal of the deliverable structure is still missing from CGEY. DECOIT talked with CGEY, but they had a time problem to fulfil it. DECOIT is working on an own proposal for the next deliverables.

The common issues were fulfil. The cost statements from the partners are available completely. DECOIT forwarded the papers to Telscom for the European Commission (EC).

Open points are:

  1. Any other proposal for the next deliverable regarding benchmarking and roadmap is welcome
  2. CGEY will try to define a structure, but needs help from the partners regarding benchmarking strategies
  3. SMONET-NGNI needs standards for benchmarks and roadmaps from the core group of NGNI

The next meeting will start at 25th March at 11:00 (GMT+1).

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