Here you can find the partners of the SMONET initiative:


The Bremen Institute of Industrial Technology and Applied Work Science at the University of Bremen (BIBA) is a research institute for engineering science focusing on production technologies and the related organisational resource management aspects. Currently approximately 120 employees work at BIBA with a staff of nearly 50 scientific researchers. The BIBA provides a range of up-to-date information technologies and high grade production machinery. The large number of research scientists from different disciplines develop in an interdisciplinary approach:

The solutions are developed for companies of all sizes - from small skilled trade enterprises to large commercial and industrial companies. BIBA participates in a lot of regional, national and European projects with other scientific organisations and practitioners. BIBA is closely connected to the faculty of Production Engineering and other faculties at the University of Bremen.


Ioannis Fikouras
BIBA, University of Bremen
Hochschulring 20
D-28359 Bremen
Phone No: +49 (0) 421218 5575
Fax No: +49 (0) 421218 5551

Cap Gemini Ernst & Young

Cap Gemini Ernst & Young is one of the largest management and IT consulting firms in the world. The company combines the resources of Gemini Consulting, Cap Gemini IT Services and, following the recent acquisition from Ernst & Young LLP, Ernst & Young Consulting Services. Cap Gemini Ernst & Young is established in three core business areas:

  1. Management consulting: offers services that focus on business strategy, operations, and people and information management. The firmís management consultants help clients make difficult decisions about where to allocate resources in order to deliver the maximum return on their investments. From improvements in production and distribution, including e-business strategies, to better reporting and quality control, clients develop roadmaps that help them gain competitive advantage over rivals and sustain that advantage over time.
  2. Systems Transformation:The firmís services in this area fall into two categories: Development of customised software or hardware for a specific client and systems-integration projects, conducted in partnership with hardware manufacturers, software companies and other partners, where Cap Gemini Ernst & Young drafts specifications, designs the architecture and handles the development and implementation of the new system.
  3. Information Systems Management (ISM) Ė Outsourcing: ISM oversees the day-to-day operation of the clientís business. The firm assumes responsibility for all or part of customersí information technology resources through the following service offerings: Applications Management (AM), Infrastructure Management (IM).


Jacob van Kokswijk
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
Phone: +31 6 20955143

Frank Kroon
Phone: +31 6 51500835


DECOIT (Detken Consultancy and Internet Technologies) is a German start-up company founded in January 2001 at 01.01.01. It is a german IT consultancy and unites the core competences of the interactive and network area. By strategic partnerships with the market leaders in the Internet business they can create the customers communication infrastructures individually. Interlocks with that, it offers besides the creative competences of an Internet agency all IT services of a system house. This knowledge as a system house is the core discipline of DECOIT. Main experiences are available in the fields of networking, concept development, project consultation, and Internet technology. Other tasks of the company are network analyses, technical realisation and build-up of advanced network solutions, security and loss concepts, firewall solutions, Internet access solutions, and training.


Kai-Oliver Detken
Zu den Stauwiesen 18
D-28879 Grasberg/Bremen
Phone No: +49 (0) 4208 894548
Fax No: +49 (0) 4208 894547


Emorphia is a UK start-up company based in Harlow's 'Silicon Hollow.' Emorphia was formed in December 2000 by the Nortel Networks' Agent Technology Group, to exploit the rapidly emerging 'agent solutions' area. Emorphia technology eases pain for application and service providers by supplying easy-to-use smart software components called Morphs. Morphs are novel intelligent software robots (also known popularly as 'bots' and 'agents') that share the burden of labour-intensive tasks. Morphs are reusable and re-configurable; they can be given personalities, profiles, and missions - collectively adapting their behaviour to new circumstances as they try to attain their goals. Morphs conform to the FIPA standards for agent interoperability allowing them to 'plug and play'; in particular Morphs are built on the FIPA-OS Agent toolkit - the world's first commercial FIPA implementation released by the Emorphia team during their employment with Nortel Networks in 1999.


Phil Buckle
Emorphia Limited.
Mill House.Station Approach.
Harlow Mill.
Harlow.Essex CM20 2EL UK
Phone No: +44 (0) 1279 450100
Fax No: +44 (0) 1279 450102

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